Smart Online Monitoring (Maintworld magazine)

Online vibration monitoring is essential for critical machines. There are machines that need to be monitored continuously; it is not enough to take a measurtement every week, or even once per day.

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When Vibration Diagnostics Fails to Work (Maintworld magazine)

There are a few factors, which may cause applied diagnostics to not be efficient. In this article we will have a look on what can go wrong.

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Predictive Maintenance 4.0 Knowledge (Maintworld magazine)

Industry progress is heading toward sophisticated automatization even in areas where it was hardly imaginable a few years ago.

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Vibration Recorder (Maintworld magazine)

This article describes how technology that was thought to be obsolete is again in action.

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Choosing Maintenance Strategy (Maintworld magazine)

Not using Predictive Maintenance today is like having a black and white TV at home.

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Operational Delfection Shapes (Maintworld magazine)

The Animated Deflection Shapes (ADS) is a method that can help you find the source of problems on running machines by the simple visualization of vibrations.

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