One Channel Online Monitoring System

Simple vibration monitoring

continuous machine or bearing monitoring

Set up alarm limits

and observe traffic light colors

The A3900 is a simple one channel online monitoring system. Measured value is displayed on the front panel and can be transferred to the control system through 4-20 mA current loop output. Green, yellow and red LEDs informs you about the machine/bearing vibration state. The A3900 unit includes one programmable output “ALARM” relay.

Adash A3900 - II

Technical Specifications

A3900 specification

Input channels:
ICP® for acceleration sensor. Input is able to process signal with maximum voltage ±5 V
4- 20 mA current loop (selectable active/passive) with setting of range of measured unit
Measuring Ranges:
0 – 99.9 g, 0 – 999 mm/s (by sensor sensitivity, input signal: max. ±5 V)
Frequency Bands:
[ g ] 0,8 Hz – 16 kHz
[ g ] 5 kHz – 16 kHz
[ mm/s ], [ ips ] 10 Hz – 1 kHz
Frequency ranges could be changed under request.
accelerometer, ICP® powered
Vibration state indication according to defined vibration limits
Power indication
ICP® error indication
20 - 28 V DC (70mA/24V DC), external current loop supply (10-30V DC)
90 x 53 x 58 mm
130 g
IP 20

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