Adash A4300 VA3 Pro Ex

VA3 ProEx

Intrinsically safe 3-Channel,
Vibration Analyzer, Data Collector

II 3G Ex ic op is IIC T3 GcAdash Atex Ex

ready for hazardous areas

A true vibration analyzer

real time FFTs, time waveforms etc.

Modularly based

buy only the modes you need

Vibration analyzer as you want it

VA3 Pro Ex

A4300 VA3 Pro Ex
VA3 Pro Ex is a professional vibration analyzer determined to protect your machinery. Build your kit according to your needs. Single or multi axis sensors, speed probe and other accessories are ready for your vibration analysis and predictive maintenance program on general.

Explosive atmospheres

VA3 Pro Ex

A4300 VA3 Pro Ex
A4910 Lubri
A4910 Lubri
Machinery condition monitoring is a necessity also in hazardous industry environments such as mines, oil & gas, petrochemical etc. To protect human lives and equipment the devices used in such harsh areas has to be explosion proof. VA3 Pro Ex is ready at your service.


VA3 Pro Ex

A4300Ex VA3
3x AC input – vibrations
3x DC input – process values
1x Trigger input (speed probe)
Triaxial sensor ready
IR temperature sensor
LED stroboscope / flashlight
Fast USB 2.0 communication
Robust Push-Pull connectors

VA3 ProEx modules

Choose the required modules only


Free trending and data analysis software

A4300 VA3 dds

Collect & Import

VA3 Pro Ex along with free DDS software can measure and store two basic measurements. Acceleration in g for the bearing condition and Velocity in mm/s (or ips) for the whole machine body condition.

Collect the data with VA3 Pro Ex regularly and import them into free DDS software. Follow vibration trends and observe the actual condition of your machines.


Technical specifications

VA3 Pro Ex specifications

Ex certification:
II 3G Ex ic op is IIC T3 Gc
Input channels:
3 x AC, ICP® power supply on/off
3 x DC for process values
1 x TACHO for speed probe / external trigger
Input range:
AC +/- 12 V peak-peak
DC +/- 24V
AD conversion:
24 bit, 64 bit internal signal processing
No AutoGain function!
Dynamic range S/N:
120 dB
Frequency ranges (-3 dB):
Maximum range: 0.5 Hz - 25 kHz (64 kHz sampling)
Minimum range: 0.5 Hz - 25 Hz (64 Hz sampling)
Sampling mode:
Fully simultaneous for all 3 channels
FFT resolution:
Min. 25 lines
Max. 25 600 lines
Measurement modes:
Analyzer - analytical measurements
Data collector - route measurements
Balancer - 1 and 2 plane on site balancing
Recorder - raw signal recording for later post analysis
Run Up - run up and coast down measurements
Ultrasound - measurement of ultrasound in 30 - 50 kHz range
LED stroboscope, LED torch
FASIT - Expert system for automatic fault detection
Vibration meter - basic vibration measurements
Free version of DDS software (limited database size)
Licensed DDS software
Data processing:
Real time FFT
ACMT - low speed bearing analysis
Order analysis
User band pass analysis
RPM measurement
DC measurement
Orbit measurement
IR temperature measurement:
From -70˚C to +380˚C (-94˚F to +716˚F)
Manual, External, Amplitude, Tacho
Colour 240 x 320 pixels, TFT
USB 2.0, 3.0 compatible
Operating temperature range:
-10˚C to +50˚C
Battery pack for more than 6 hours of continous operation
Aluminium - heavy duty
780 g
230 x 82 x 32 mm
Languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Russian, Czech, Hungarian, Polish