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Basic rotor balancing so called in-situ balancing is now accessible to wider public. To perform balancing with the app you should ideally have some vibration meter (such as A4900 Vibrio from Adash). But don't worry if you don't have it. You can perform balancing just with your smart phone! Download the app for free and get started.

Balanced rotor, fan, impeller etc. on rotating equipment is very important for reliable factory operation. Balancing is important part of machine condition monitoring and predictive maintenance based on vibration diagnostics.

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Balancer App

Imagine your washing machine during clothes spinning. Centrifugal force exists if the clothes are situated just on one part of the washing machine drum. This leads to unbalance of the drum which causes high vibrations. The same problem occur on industrial machines such as fans, blowers etc. Unbalance of such machinery is a big trouble because high vibrations shortens its life time. Unbalance leads to mechanical damages, unexpected break downs and lost of money on production. Balancing is important part of machinery maintenance and Adash Balancer App is able to perform balancing even with simple vibration meter.

Is your problem really the unbalance?

Balancer App

Ballancer App Vibrio
Before balancing you need to check if the problem of your machine is really unbalance. Unbalance is characterized by high vibration amplitude on the speed frequency. Take the measurement of FFT. It is third measurement screen in the Vibrio device. You should see only one high peak on the speed frequency as per picture above. There should not be any peaks on other frequencies. Problem of the machine is not unbalance if there are peaks on other frequencies. Balancing of machines with other problems would not give you satisfying result.