Digital diagnostics system

DDS Software

Powerful Tool for Data storing and analysis

Store, trend and analyze

keep your data on one place using any Adash hardware

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developed by clients not programmers

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Digital Diagnostics System

Digital diagnostics system Adash tree
Create a scheme of your machinery park, define measurement points on particular machines and setup appropriate measurement types which you want to take.

DDS - Collect & Import

Trending and data analysis software

A4900 vibrio iv dds

Collect & Import

Make your route measurements regularly, send the new data into DDS and follow the trend. Setup alarm and danger vibration limits and using traffic light colors be notified in case of any change.


Digital Diagnostics System

DDS software allows you to make deep analysis of your vibration data. Play with Overall values, FFTs, Time waveforms, Orbits and many more. Use various cursors, zooming, display options. Switch on bearing fault frequencies from over 30000 bearings database or define your bearing. Get familiar with Adash expert system FASIT and use our special analysis features to make your live easier.