Online Vibration Monitoring System for Nuclear Power Plant (High Operating Temperature)


We would like to share with you information about flexibility of Adash products. We’ve been approach by one Nuclear power station with a demand for vibration online monitoring system which can withstand high temperatures.

The system will be installed in primary block and will be monitoring main cooling pumps. Ambient temperature in this area is constantly over 40 degree Celsius.

We have chosen our 16 channels A3716 online monitoring system. You can see 3 of them therefore the system will be monitoring 48 channels + speeds and the data will be send to Adash DDS software to control room through Ethernet. We needed to use fan less motherboards in A3716s because there is limited access to primary block during its operation. This assures higher temperature resistance and less possibility of failure. Additional cooling unit has been installed in order to ensure air circulation in the cabinet. All system components are able to withstand ambient temperature up to 70 degrees C.

A3716 HT is a replacement of older Adash online vibration monitoring system which has been running in this nuclear power plant for over 20 years.